Yoga and GM Diet

GM Diet and Yoga can go hand in hand. It requires less power but gives high energy to your body, if you follow the yoga session for ten minutes before the day starts and after the day gets over during the GM Diet plan. Yoga complements the GM Diet. Yoga is not like running or swimming or any other physical activity where you can burn your calories instead it is more of cardiovascular workout. It may be physically challenging at times. Yoga helps you to make your body flexible and also a good breathing exercise. It focuses on the poses which keep your mind stable and balances your body and also gives you the strength. It’s often confusing for the people who follow the GM Diet, whether to exercise during the diet or not. So, the answer is YES. You may go with the mild exercises like walking, stretching, but not the strenuous one. Here yoga is preferable as it requires less energy and gives better results.

GM Diet Effective Yoga Exercises:

  • Standing Forward Bend
  • Garland Pose
  • Plank Pose

Benefits of Yoga:

  • It helps you to control your weight and sustain it for long. Also, you burn extra calories by following the yoga poses. Regular yoga classes will help you to lose weight with ease. In addition to this, you must follow a balanced and healthy diet
  • It assists you to increase the physical strength. Yoga gradually increases your strength with time. Right positions and timings will augment your strength and will give you a toned body and young look
  • There are many poses in yoga which helps your body to make the balance like the tree pose as you need to stand on one foot without trembling. This takes time and needs practice. Gradually, with time the overall balance is increased
  • Yoga also reduces the stress as the positions involved in the yoga stamp out all the stress out of your body. As yoga includes chanting and meditation, so it also helps to relieve the stress. A fresh and stress free mind refresh your body and mood. It is always recommended to follow the yoga regimen to keep your mind calm forever.
  • Yoga goes from simple to complex. The poses get difficult and need flexibility in the body. By regular yoga exercises your body gains flexibility and the body accommodates your fitness level with time. Even if your body is not flexible, usual yoga poses makes your body flexible gradually with time and practice and that too with ease.
  • Yoga is the combination of both mental and physical fitness. It helps to make a better coordination of mind and body. It assists your body to come in shape and at the same time relaxes your mind. It is the complete state of physical and mental well being.
  • Breathing is an important exercise of yoga. It accentuates controlled breathing as the poses in yoga demands for it. Controlled breathing means controlled mind. This exercise helps you in your real life too as controlled breathing in any situation keeps your mind calm and balanced.